This Old Earthquake

West of west, where the west never ends. This is  the territory occupied by This Old Earthquake, an indie folk quartet based in Bolinas, California, an eccentric small town on the coast of Marin County just north of San Francisco. Described as “West Marinicana” and “sophisticated back porch music”, influences range from roots artists like Gillian Welch and The Band to indie pop artists like Bon Iver and Iron and Wine. The sound is intimate and sparse, a pick against a string, a breath anticipates a lyric.


        2009 saw the release of the band’s debut album, Portuguese Murder Ballads, a record described as “spare, dark, elegant and contemporary” by Grateful Dead historian and author Dennis McNally.  At the behest of long time Bonnie Raitt engineer Paul “Pappy” Middleton the band trekked thousands of miles to Palmer, Texas where Middleton’s Palmyra Studios is located. This is where the PMB sessions took place and when they were done Middleton described it as “one of the best albums I’ve heard in many, many years. To me it was the perfect marriage of people wanting to put heart and soul into the music so that it will translate for years to come, and I think it will.”


        July, 2012 saw the release of Gospel Flat, the band’s luminous sophomore effort. Featuring drums, stand up bass, piano, organ and even some mellotron, Gospel Flat is a slightly more “produced” record than Portuguese Murder Ballads while still retaining much of the band’s signature sparseness and intimacy. Gospel Flat was named a top ten album by the Marin IJ in 2012.


     This Old Earthquake was honored to be the featured artist at Robert Redford’s Christmas Contata at the Sundance Resort in 2012 and was also featured over the closing credits of Jamie Redford’s acclaimed documentary “Toxic Hot Seat” which aired on HBO and in select theatres throughout the country. They continue to play venues throughout the Bay Area.




        West of west, where the west never ends

        Might not be best, to swim towards the sunset

        No no not just yet...


        This Old Earthquake is:

        Steve Trivelpiece - Guitars, Vocals

        Ethan Okamura - Guitars, Vocals

        Taylor Cutcomb - Bass

       Michael Pinkham - Drums

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